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Using OneOffice Notes to stay ahead of your tasks and todos


OneOffice Notes is a simple but very powerful notes taking application. A full organization tool if used at its fulled.



Creating a new note is simple. Just click on New note and start writing.


The real strength of Notes comes from the application's organization and sharing abilities.

For instance, you can:

  1. Use tags to organize and sort
  2. Use colors to differentiate notes visually
  3. Use rich text for better text readabiliy
  4. Add images or attach any of your files
  5. Share with other users (read-only)


Sharing notes is where the strength comes in. You can share notes to work on small tasks and activities collaboratively.

If you feel that your tasks need more timeliness or collaboration in them, you are likely better served with the Deck tool for Kanban-style project management.