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Managing your Contacts


The OneOffice Contacts app is similar to other mobile contact applications, but with more functionality. Let’s run through basic features that will help you maintain your address book in the application.

Adding Contacts

When you first access the Contacts app, an empty default address book becomes available.


To add contacts into your address book, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Import contacts using a Virtual Contact File (VCF/VCard) file
  • Add contacts manually

Importing Contact VCard

Importing Virtual Contacts To Import Contacts Using a VCF/Vcard File:

  • Find “Settings” at the bottom of the left sidebar, next to the gear button.

Contacts Settings

  • Click the gear button. The Contacts app “Import” button will appear.

Contacts Settings

  • Click the “Import” button and upload your VCF/Vcard file.

After the import is complete, you will see your new contact in your address book.

Adding Contacts Manually

  • Click the + New contact button in the left sidebar.
  • An empty new contact configuration opens in the Application View field.

Contacts New

  • Specify the new contact information.

Changes are implemented and saved immediately on the server

Edit or Remove Contact Information

The Contacts app enables you to edit or remove contact information.

  • Navigate to the specific contact that you want to modify.
  • Select the information in the field that you want to edit or remove.
  • Make your modifications or click on the trash bin.
  • Changes or removals that you made to any contact information are implemented immediately.

Contact Picture

To add a picture for your new contacts, click on the picture:

Contacts New

After you have set a contact picture, it will look like this:

Contacts New

If you want to upload a new picture or remove current one, view in full size or download, click on the contacts picture

Adding and Managing Address Books

  • Clicking on the “Settings” (gear) button at the bottom of the left sidebar provides access to Contact app settings.

Contacts Settings

  • Add address book in the contacts settings

Contacts Settings

The Contacts settings is also where you can share, export and delete address books (highlighted in red above picture)

Note: You will also find the CardDAV URLs in this menu