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Overview of painless migration to OneOffice

1. Introduction

Migrating files is essentially copying each file from its current location to OneOffice storage, linked to the user.

Typically, we are able to preserve:

  1. File contents
  2. Time stamps (file creation, modification times)
  3. Sharing & permissions

2. Local Files

If your files are stored on your employees' desktops, then you are in luck; all you have to do is copy the files over. Just head over to Local Files Migration to get started.

3. Cloud Files


If you have a small number of users who are technically proficient, they can do the migration themselves with the Cloud Files Migration method. This involves them linking their OneOffice account with the provider's account and letting OneOffice do the files pull for them.


Depending on your cloud files provider (Microsoft, Google, Dropbox) you can set things up to migrate automatically.

  1. Office 365 / OneDrive
  2. Google Drive

If you are using any other service, please contact to see if we can help by whipping up a script quickly. Otherwise, you may need to download the files onto your computer and then use the Local Files Migration method.