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Overview of painless migration to OneOffice

1. Introduction

Migration is typically the first thing we get asked about and is the main blocker for IT departments to seek other solutions. It puts the customer in a vendor lock-in situation.

Luckily, we have a number of easy-to-use tools that help you migrate your files, folders and emails automatically. So you can hit the ground running.

In our case, we migrated from Google Workspace. We copied almost 1TB of data per user in a weekend. We never looked back!

2. MS 365 / Google Migration

We have created the industry's first one-click MS-365 migration tool. Just authorize it on your tenant and we handle the rest automatically.

3. Email Migration

Regardless of which platform you are currently using (your own email server, Exchange, MS365 or Google Mail), the process is the same. We copy your emails over one by one. This keeps all your folders, email sequences, replies etc.

Please head over to Email Migration to get started.

4. Files Migration

4.1 Local Files

If your files are stored on your employees' desktops, then you are in luck; all you have to do is copy the files over. Just head over to Local Files Migration to get started.

4.2 Cloud Files

Depending on your cloud files provider (Microsoft, Google, Dropbox) you can set things up to migrate automatically. Head over to Files Migration to get started.

4.3 Microsoft Server / Active Directory

If you have files that you share within your company on a Microsft Server 2016 or later, we have developed automated sync scripts that handle that for you. Please contact us as some customizations are required (e.g. userid to user email conversion)

You can use the automated scripts in parallel with the other migration methods above. E.g. each user has their own files as well as shared files for a given organization