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Migrating your email to OneOffice


Regardless of which platform you are currently using, the process is the same. We copy your emails over one by one. This keeps all your folders, email sequences, replies etc.

First things first

Please read this section carefully

  1. We found that many users misconfigure their Outlook email client. They have opted for Outlook to download and delete all server emails. We therefore recommend you do not delete your Outlook email just yet. You may need to copy them over

  2. Transitions are the perfect time to get your house in order. Prior to migration of your email, clean up. Do you really need your whole Sent box? How about all those newsletters from the last 3 years that you never go to? Do you get automated emails from copiers, scanners, other systems?

Use the search feature to find and delete all emails you don't want to copy over

  1. We do not migrate Deleted, Junk or Spam email folders. So do a last tour to make sure no emails were improperly flagged as spam.

  2. Make sure you have your password handy (as well as your username and email server address). We get so used to stored passwords, we often forget what our passwords really are. You will need your password to migrate your emails.

Email Migration Approaches

  1. Office 365
  2. Exchange Server
  3. Google Mail
  4. Manual or Imap-Imap

Manual migration is most suitable for smaller installs and when you are using your own mail server or a local provider.