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Managing the privacy settings of your teams


OneOffice comes with bullet-proof privacy and security settings.

Balancing corporate rights with user rights is tricky business. Depending on your location and applicable lawas, you may be forced to follow some of these strict rules, or be more in control.

Regardless of your requirements or decisions, OneOffice is equipped to support you.

Keep in mind that the regulatory environment is changing globally. Tech companies are seeing privacy as the biggest threat to their business (e.g. is Google legally allowed to parse your emails for information that would help their ad business?)

Data Sovereignty

Data sovereignty is the idea that data are subject to the laws and governance structures within the nation it is collected. The concept of data sovereignty is closely linked with data security, cloud computing, network sovereignty and technological sovereignty [Wikipedia]

The advent of cloud computing has complicated how companies manage their data. It is our belief that the simplest ways to manage this:

  1. To use cloud servers close to where you operate.
  2. Ensure a degree of separation between you and your tech provider (i.e. us).

In the Business plan with your own servers, OneOffice is technically managing servers on your behalf vs. managing your data on your behalf. Your data is therefore not stored in a global interlinked Big Data SaaS framework like Microsoft or Google and we do not have direct access to it.

Furthermore, we are incorporated under Canadian Law, which are known to provide some of the strongest data protection globally.

Under US law, a confidential court order can force a US tech business to hand over your data on short notice and with the legal obligation of not informing you (if MS informs you that your data has been handed over, they will suffer great penalties).

Only users living in Canada and the US will be on US servers.