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Block & Allow Lists

Managing Email Server Black and White lists

1. Introduction

OneOffice Mail allows you to configure certain sending domain rules. For example, you may want to block agencies you know are trying to steal your information. Or, on the other hand, one of your customers is having spam reputation issues and you wish to ensure receiving of their emails.

2. Domain-level Allow & Block

To add or edit an entry to your domain filter table (this applies only to a single domain), log in to your OneOffice Mail UI as (domain) administrator and go to:

Configuration > Email Setup > Domains > Edit Domain > Spam Filter

Block & Allow

This allows you to set specific domains as either allowed or blocked, bypassing all regular filters.

3. System-wide Allow & Block

There is also a global filter table in Configuration > Configuration & Details > Global filter maps to configure a server-wide filter for multiple regex maps.