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Anti Virus

Best-in-class Anti Virus & Malware Protection

1. Introduction

With the proliferation of malicious attacks, one common vector is Malware / Virus insertion through emails. Even the tech-savvy get fooled and give away access or find their hard disks and network infected.

Modern cybersecurity protection requires deep expertise as well as the right tools and infrastructure to crawl the internet and catch zero-day threats before it's too late.

We count on some of the leading Cybersecurity organizations for up-to-date threat protection.

2. Anti-Virus

Our email servers come equipped with the most solid email antivirus today, ClamAV, by Cisco.

It powers the email servers of some of the leading organizations on the planet (such as MIT, Oracle, Raython and more) who place great importance on their network, device and data security.

All incoming emails are scanned for known virus signatures by ClamAV. If an email has a vulnerability or is infected, it is either outright rejected or cleaned up (e.g. attachment removed).

3. Virus Signatures

We purchase and automatically keep up-to-date the most comprehensive commercial virus signatures (as any security-conscious organization should, as it is very specialized knowledge). Our database is updated automatically to protect against zero-threats.

We have over 3M virus signatures in our database, covering viruses, malwares, ransomware and more.